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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bizarre Foods - Recipes from Way Back When

I read something last night that was rather disturbing. A friend introduced me to Cate's Garage.

This site has some nostalgic and somewhat frightening finds that I guess Cate purchases at garage sales. Many of these are old cook books from back in the day, that contain very interesting recipes such as Hot in a Bun - which, by the way, serves 48 people.

What "Hot" is, that you can put it in a bun, I don't think I'll ever know. It sounds very sexy though, like, "Baby, I'll put some 'hot' in your buns!" Then again, it appears to be some sort of sausage mixture so I guess that may just be true.

If "Hot" serves 48, that's one awfully big orgy. Sounds like a party for the whole neighborhood.

However, the best of those that I came across, I think, would be the Iceberg Ring topped with tuna salad. I don't know what fad dieting was like back in those days, but I'm sure our fad diets will be just as crazy to future generations.

I'd say "how can someone possibly like that?" but - how can people eat cabbage soup days in a row? I just don't know.

Are there any dieting fads, bizarre foods, or weird recipes that maybe you've tried and liked? Do share!


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