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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Horrible Bosses - Review? Loved It!

Just a quick one (quick? from me? hah!) since I haven't posted in a little too long. My friend of the same name wanted to go see Horrible Bosses the other day, a movie I'd never even heard of prior to...well, the other day. Friday, to be specific. Apparently the very day it came out.

I asked my friend what it was about, because I'm not usually one to shell out the $10-$20 for the typical theater experience. I didn't even realize at the time that it was the very first day of showing, but I knew she wanted to intended for us to see it in the theater, nevertheless.

Horrible Bosses stars Jason Bateman (Nick) and Jennifer Aniston (Dr. Harris). Frankly it stars a bunch of other people too, but apparently they don't matter enough to the people listing the credits.

Most notably to me, it stars the cynical guy from American Beauty. I love that guy! I guess I mean I love Kevin Spacey (Mr. Harken), but not like that. But in mentioning people not important enough, I shouldn't forget Charlie Day (Dale), Colin Farrell (Bobby Pellitt), Jason Sudeikis (Kurt), and even Jamie Foxx (Mother F**ker Jones).

I'm not sure which movie I've seen Jason Sudeikis in before but the entire time I kept mistaking him for the Nikelodeon Double Dare guy that now does Unwrapped.

Anyway, I think seeing Kevin Spacey playing one of the horrible bosses (hah, hah) was what first intrigued me. I didn't recognize any of the other guys, I shouldn't say that. I recognized Jason Bateman instantly but didn't know his name or where I had seen him before.

Jennifer Aniston plays another horrible boss (overusing this, I know), but I almost didn't recognize her. If it weren't for her voice, I don't know when I would've actually recognized her! The last horrible boss (ok, I think I'm done) is Colin Farrell.

Each is "horrible" in his or her own way. They did a pretty decent job of showing a broad spectrum of terrible, I mean horrible traits. They aren't all just jerks, they're jerks for different reasons.

Anyway, the movie starts out by showcasing why each boss is horrible. You get a little glimpse of the dumb things that they do that would really piss you off. Then they begin plotting murder. Then hilarity ensues.

There were many parts that were rather predictable. Not necessarily in the "I know ______ is about to happen" but there were some parts like that. Others were just a general feeling of "Ok, something's about to go down" even though the movie is trying to give you the impression that nothing is up.

Aside from a bit of predictability, the craziness of some of it bugged me just a little. For example, most of the bosses' horrible behavior would be downright illegal.

In most businesses, if not all, if not every state, you would have grounds for a lawsuit in some way or another with at least some of the actions. If not a lawsuit, then you could report them for other reasons, just not in a way that would directly benefit you.

So some of it was a tad too absurd to be believed. However, if you try to think outside the box (and they do try to make it sound somewhat reasonable, and are decently successful) you can see how maybe these horrible bosses would manage to pull off some of their behaviors without being arrested or sued.

Along the lines of absurdity, one or two of the characters (both on the horrible boss side as well as the disgruntled employee side) is a bit too much to be believed. Almost all of them are a bit too much to be believed at one or two points. But overall, it's mostly acceptable.

I know it's a comedy movie and it doesn't have to be right on target, but in a "realistic" type movie (i.e. this isn't Star Wars), you have to have some realism to it. It's not Billy Madison, a movie that's stupid for the sake of being stupid (but is upfront about that).

The plot is, theoretically, something that could actually happen. There are plenty of people out there who think their boss is horrible. I'm sure there are only a scant portion of that group that would go so far as to even fantasize about literally murdering said boss, but I'll hope I'm right and leave it at that.

When all is said and done, I really enjoyed watching Horrible Bosses and I'd definitely buy it on DVD. It was much better than I even anticipated. When my friend told me about it, I was mostly expecting a kind of lame knock-off or modernized version of Office Space. However, Horrible Bosses - I was pleased to discover - is quite different..

In spite of the few hangups, I do recommend Horrible Bosses to pretty much anyone able to handle a little foul language. It is rated R. But if language doesn't bother you and you're looking for a great comedy to kick back with, Horrible Bosses is definitely for you.

Excellent Quotes from Horrible Bosses:
Detective: "You wanna explain why you were speeding?"
Nick: "I was drag racing."
Detective: "In a Prius?"
Nick: "I don't win a lot."
Nick: "You're gonna be our lookout."
Dale: "I'm gonna honk the horn six times."
Kurt: "Something much more subtle..."
Dale: "Four honks?"
Nick: "Can you honk once?"
Dale: "People honk once all the time - you're gonna be running in and out of the house..."
Bobby: "Oh yeah, we've got to trim some of the fat around here."
Kurt: "What do you mean by trim the fat?"
Bobby: "I want you to fire the fat people."
Kurt: "What?!"
Bobby: "They're lazy and they're slow and they make me sad to look at."
Kurt: "She makes herself a little snack. A popsicle. A banana. And finally, a hot dog. And eating them in that weird order thats not a proper meal."
 Find a long list of some of the best Horrible Bosses quotes, along with clips of those parts of the movie, on "Best 'Horrible Bosses' Quotes - International Business Times".

If you didn't know anything about Horrible Bosses yet either, check out the trailer from Warner Bros Pictures on YouTube.


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